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It is our responsibilty to deliver Good Quality products which are sustinable too.  Each product has to be fabricated under a Safe and Social Responsible Environment which complies to the International Standards.  

Total Quality Control (TQC) — Quality is manufactured into the product with specified materials and operational standards.  We cannot inspect Quality out from the Finished Product.  Inspection following a sampling plan is NOT Quality Control.  The ultimate goal for us is to supply the right Quality to the consumer market.  EVERYONE participates in the FABRICATION of the product is RESPONSIBLE for the QUALITY of the product.  All levels including the Top Management and Fabrication floor operations are trained with appropriate Quality Control tools to do the job right at the First time and Every time.

Safety is our most important concern – for both of the product and the factory worker.  Safety measures are executed throughout the whole supply chain from incoming Materials to Finished Product.  The indirect materials such as lubricants, packing materials, cleaning agents…..all could contaminate and make the product unsafe if they are not controlled.  

Workplace safety measures will provide a peace of mind operating environment to the workers.  With no accidents, the productivity will not be affected.  The workers will be more comitted to the Organization and pay close attentions to anything that will affect the quality and safety of the product and environment.

To supply the BEST VALUE to our customers and the consumers, we have to achieve excellence in our Fabrication processes.  Based on the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) of the product, our Advanced Quality Engineering leads with the participation of other concerned functions such as Materials Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Safety Engineering………….for Fabrication Quality Design and Planning.  After the Pilot Run, our Total Quality Management will lead the Company Wide operations including other Manufacturing Fabrication Partners to develop the Total Quality Control plan which is the LANE for everyone to follow and manage to achieve Manufacturing Fabrication Excellence to supply the Best Value to our customers and Consumers.

FABLANE provide services to identify right fabrication partners, conduct due diligence review, train and lead them along the predefined designated Fabrication Lane to supply Value.  To have a smooth information flow of an effective supply chain management, will also consist of an online system to achieve this.

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Please contact the Quality Director of your Organization also provide an online traceability and process control systems of our manufacturing fabrication Total Quality Control which all of our manufacturing fabrication partners must implement to provide our customers with a transparency on the supply chains of the products which are fabricated by our manufacturing fabrication partners.  

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